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ALUCOM’s own research and development center continuously develops innovative solutions and adapts our product range to current challenges. Thus, our customers can always expect high-performance products.

Our GECEDRAL® products have served very well in many tunnel projects. They work reliably and safely. Nevertheless, we do not rest on our successes, but are always developing the products further.

Below you will find more information about our construction products.

Tunnel/Mine Construction

Building a tunnel is a major project. Our part is to provide innovative system solutions that make your major project a real success. With the experience gained from numerous tunnel constructions, you have a competent partner at your side.

Alkali-free setting accelerator

Our liquid setting accelerator GECEDRAL® F, has proven its worth for securing and lining the tunnel cavity with shotcrete as well as for safe overhead work. GECEDRALl® F has good adhesion properties, high early strengths and low rebound ensure high tunneling performance through high throughputs and reliable strengths.

Alkaline solidification accelerator in powder form

GECEDRAL® ABE, GECEDRAL® ABE-R for all shotcrete applications requiring high early strength. The products can be used for both wet and dry spraying. Their advantage: good consistency of the concrete during spraying.

Annular gap mortar

Annular gap mortar is used in tunnel and underground construction to fill the gap that occurs between the segment and the rock during segment construction. This is necessary for the safe embedding of the segments in the rock. Our new product GECEDRAL® RSM allows the speed of the tunnel boring machine to be adjusted individually. GECEDRAL® RSM is economical, chloride- and alkali-free.


Our aluminium compounds are used for setting acceleration and as thixotropic agents.

Our powder setting accelerators for various applications in cementitious mortar, plaster and concrete: GECEDRAL® BZ111, GECEDRAL® L, GECEDRAL® P 200, GECEDRAL® AS, GECEDRAL AS23 are used in adhesives for tiles, precast concrete, shotcrete, plaster and repair mortar. GECEDRAL® N and GECEDRAL® TM are used as thixotropic agents.

All products are alkali-free and non-basic.

Do you have any questions? Do you need advice? Our experts will be happy to advise you personally and individually.

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