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ALUMINIUMHYDROXID NF – for use in the printing ink sector

ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF can be processed in the usual binders and printing ink varnishes to form transparent or semi-transparent dispersions.

ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF produced by ALUCOM regulates the consistency, i.e. it increases the viscosity of the printing ink and thus its hiding power.

An essential factor for the successful use of ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF is its compatibility with the printing oils or ink varnishes, which can be mixtures or boils of different components. In the case of very expensive or strong pigments, or to correct printing cylinders that have been etched too deeply, the incorporation of transparent ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF can weaken the color intensity.

ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF also prevents or delays the settling of heavy inorganic color pigments in low-viscosity systems due to its viscosity-increasing effect. It has a stabilizing effect on the color. ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF positively influences the drying capacity of printed inks.

In contrast to many naturally occurring fillers, our ALUMINIUM HYDROXIDE NF is very soft. Its abrasive effect is negligible. Therefore, impression cylinders, offset plates, etc. are protected and high print runs are achieved.

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