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Precipitating and fixing agents for the production of acid-free papers

ALUMINIUMFORMIAT increases opacity by improving sheet formation.

It is generally used for the production of neutral papers such as writing and printing papers, transparent and glassine papers, boards for self-adhesive postcards and index cards, laminate, offset, document papers or sealing boards.

ALUMINIUMFORMIAT has a hydrophobic effect. Used alone, it does not achieve complete sizing, but the effect of the sizing agents, especially resin glues, is considerably increased by ALUMINIUMFORMIATE. When the paper web dries, most of the formic acid split off by hydrolysis evaporates. Insoluble neutral salts remain in the paper, which do not undergo further hydrolysis to form acid-reacting compounds. Almost neutrally reacting aluminium compounds remain in the paper, so that the pH value of the paper is relatively high.

ALUMINIUMFORMIAT is especially suitable for the production of storage and heat resistant papers.

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